Stay Cozy During The Winter Months With TOKIT

Stay Cozy During The Winter Months With TOKIT

It’s cold outside during the winter months and we all just want to stay indoors in our warm and comfortable homes. The only thing we really yearn for except for our homes is wholesome foods that give us the ultimate cozy experience. Here is a list of must-make dishes from our cookNjoy cooking ideas to make the perfect winter three-course meal with your Tokit Omni Cook.


Mushroom Soup


It is the perfect appetizer, it is warm and creamy and keeps your body warm for hours. Super easy to make, it makes your winter just that little bit better. With our tailor made recipe on cookNjoy you will benefit greatly from the time-saving all-in-one technology when this recipe is made with TOKIT Omni Cook during the whole cooking process. No need to keep stirring and waiting around while it boils, it makes perfect soup fully automated.   

Boeuf Bourguignon


Beef Bourguignon
It is a good, hearty meal that will guarantee to satisfy your appetite. The juicy beef and bacon in mouth sized pieces soaking up a tasty broth will be sure to keep you full for hours. This dish has never been so easy, thanks to cookNjoy and TOKIT Omni Cook giving you an easy step by step guide to make this perfect meal for you and your loved ones.       

 Hot Chocolate


We find this drink was perfectly made for winter thanks to it’s warm, creamy and sweetness. It has to be the perfect thing to have in anyone's cup (young or old) when it is cold outside. This drink can be very easy to freshly make using the TOKIT Omni Cook just by doing a few measurements of ingredients, placed in the bowl and heated for just 6 minutes. No need to use instant hot chocolate when you can make your own that fast.       


Go Out And Complete Your Christmas

Remember to stay warm and look after yourself this winter with the perfect treat, the most delectable and heartwarming recipes during the chilly months. These recipes have never been so quick and easy to make thanks to TOKIT Omni Cook combined with our recipe platform cookNjoy.