How should I use the stirring rod and what is the precaution of it?

The purpose of the stirring rod:
You can use a stirring rod to ensure that the ingredients are evenly mixed at a low stirring speed, thereby helping to prevent the ingredients from solidifying or sintering at the bottom of the mixing bowl, or for whipping cream or egg whites;

Installation and removal:
1. Place the stirring rod on the stirring knife set, turn it slightly and press to fix it, and make sure that it does not float, and it is not easy to pull it out directly.
2. Pinch and stir the baseball-shaped end and slightly turn it upwards and pull it out.
Use attention;
1. Before use, you must ensure that it is correctly assembled in place, otherwise the stirring rod will be damaged during use.
2. The "maximum speed" and the mark with arrow circle "5" on the stirring rod mean that when the stirring rod is used, the maximum speed of the product cannot exceed "5". If the main motor speed exceeds 5 gears, the stirring rod is damaged Risks will affect the normal progress of the cooking process. Please pay attention when you use it.
3. The stirring rod must not be used for long-term stewing (slow stewing, slow cooking, fermentation), especially in high temperature environments, otherwise the health effects cannot be ruled out.