TOKIT Family

Dear TOKIT Community,

We sincerely thank you for all of your support so far. We thought it would be a great opportunity to reflect on ourselves to see how we got where we are today and share with you our journey. 

TOKIT was born in March 2019, with the name originating from two simple words “TO” and “KITCHEN”. To us both of these words together are very meaningful to today’s daily life, to us it means "Go to the kitchen while making it easy, fun and enjoyable". By allowing everyone to walk into the kitchen and give them all they need to cook easily and discover the joy of cooking, we empower them to re-define their own kitchen space. 

Our mission is to allow users to have an easier time cooking and to have more fun while doing it with intelligent kitchen appliances. In our opinion, the kitchen is not a fit space, it is also a place of our expression towards life. We hope that our community can re-define the process of cooking and share their happiness and find a common interest in cooking as they create their own unique methods.

Our team’s initial idea is to create products that exceed user expectations and bring smart upgrades to everyone’s kitchen. With every product we release that opens peoples’ imagination, time and time again with a device with unique shapes, designs, functions and intelligence. 


Currently, the TOKIT Family has already released more than 10 SKU, including TOKIT Omni Cook, TOKIT Smart Oven, TOKIT Pressure IH Smart Rice Cooker, TOKIT Mini Smart Oven, TOKIT Smart Induction Cooker, TOKIT Razor cooker, TOKIT Smart Pressure Cooker, TOKIT Mini Smart Rice Cooker, TOKIT Smart Kettle and TOKIT Smart Water Purifier.

The TOKIT Family has a few more innovative smart kitchen appliances worth waiting to go alongside your TOKIT Omni Cook, here are some of them you should be anticipating. 

TOKIT Smart Oven 

The TOKIT Smart Oven helps you to say goodbye to burnt food, thanks to it’s high-definition camera inside the oven. This allows you to easily capture the whole cooking process and check the camera in real time through your mobile phone so you are always in control of your baking process.


It is capable of fast heating, accurate temperature control, uniform heating and embedded OLED knob to realize all our imagination of the perfect electric oven. Here is a rundown of things you should look out for:

  • High-definition inside camera
  • Carbon fiber heating tube
  • Double NTC zone temperature control on top
  • Hot and cold dual channel circulation 


TOKIT Razor Cooker 

The TOKIT Razor Cooker is only 16 mm at its thinnest point which is about 1/3 of the size of our competitors, this is because this innovative design aims to subvert the industry standard.


It is made to simulate the gas stove in which you can freely adjust it to 9 levels of firepower for meeting different cooking needs and perfectly retains different cooking uses. You can operate the razor cooker in the exact same way you control the gas stove at your home. Here are some of the main features for youtube look forward to:

  • 16mm body
  • 3mm stove knob imitation design
  • Built-in NFC wireless interconnection
  • 100W low power continuous heating
  • Pure copper coil


TOKIT Smart Induction Cooker 

The TOKIT Smart Induction Cooker has made a technological breakthrough by intelligently matching the cooking curve according to different ingredients being cooked, this realizes asynchronous temperature control while also restoring the original flavor of the ingredients. 

The cooking temperature is accurate up to the closest 1°C and weighing is accurate up to the closest 1 gram, making each dish reach the perfect condition. You can even customize exclusive cooking modes through an APP made to complement how the device is used. Here are some of the main feature for you to enjoy:

  • Intelligent temperature control curve
  • 99-levels firepower control
  • Highly sensitive external temperature probe
  • Weighing function
  • APP control
  • Massive video recipes


TOKIT Pressure IH Smart Rice Cooker 

The TOKIT Pressure IH Smart Rice Cooker simulates a wood-fired earthen stove by using intermittent sudden boiling technology, offering "symphonic cooking” to achieve intermittent pressure relief and cyclic boiling. This is so that each grain can be completely boiled and rolled from inside to outside in the inner pot, ensuring that every rice grain is full and sweet.


Here are a list of things you can look forward to:

  • Intermittent boiling heating
  • 360° cyclic heating
  • 1.2 atmospheres, 105°C high temperature
  • 7-layer composite inner pot
  • One-key wake-up full screen
  • Massive video recipes


With this year being the first for TOKIT going overseas, we have launched our most painstaking and proud work, the TOKIT Omni Cook and luckily got great support from you. We will continue to launch other TOKIT products to the overseas market, while at the end of this year we hope to bring you the TOKIT Smart Oven as well several other products we mentioned in this article including TOKIT Razor Cooker, which will be launched in the next year. 

Be sure to follow our FB (@tokitglobal) or official store for the latest news so TOKIT can bring you the latest information about more of our smart kitchen appliances in the future. 

Thank you for your support so far.