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TOKIT European Recipe Collection 


Dear TOKIT Family,

We would like to tell you the current situation of the European recipes.

As of today, we have produced more than 200 local European specialties, including various staple foods with regional characteristics, such as Quiche from France, Paella from Spain, Margherita Pizza as well as different flavors of spaghetti and Risotto from Italy, plus bisque, appetizer, and of course everyone’s favorite—desserts.

Whether it’s the world-famous Sachertorte from Austria, macarons from France, or the magnificent Galaxy Mirror Glazed Cake, you can always make perfect reproductions with the TOKIT Omni Cook.

We have also prepared a series of festive menus, including Roast Chicken a must-have for Thanksgiving, or a Cup of Mulled Wine to warm up your Christmas with family and friends, and don’t forget to prepare some special Witches Fingers for the little troublemakers on Halloween.

Check below for some pictures and videos of our latest European recipes.


Beverage & Sauce

  • Hollandaise Sauce - Video


  • Sangria


  • Crème Brûlée
  • Macarons


    Festival Meal

    • Millionaire’s Ice Cream Bombe


    Main course& soup

    •  Pumpkin Cream Soup - Video
    • Margherita Pizza

    To produce regular and high-quality user-friendly content is always the goal of TOKIT, so we invite all users to give feedback on our recipes. We will continuously update our database, so you don’t find a recipe you would like to see on the machine, you are very welcome to leave us a comment about the recipes you want. We will actively develop recipes so that your favorite dishes will become available on your Omni Cook as soon as possible.

    Thank you for your continued support.


    Updated on Oct,26



    TOKIT Delivery Update


    Dear TOKIT community,

    Thank you for your patience as we prepare your TOKIT Omni Cook, we understand that you have all been waiting eagerly to use yours. 

    Our latest update regarding Kickstarter’s orders for the EU, we are pleased to tell you that they have arrived in Germany and we will start shipping packages for our Kickstarter’s users in the European Union in the near future, we urge you to stay tuned!


    Thank you so much for your support!

    TOKIT Team


    Updated on Oct,20



    What Can You Cook Tonight?: Delicious Lamb Curry Main Course and Fruit Ice Cream Dessert


    You might be wondering what you can have for dinner tonight, well you are in luck! In this article we are going to share with you a 2 course meal that you can make right now with your TOKIT Omni Cook. We will share with you everything you need to make this 2 course meal as tasty as possible.


    Tasty Seasoning For Pre-Cooking

    Before you start off a tasty curry, you want to ensure you have a top quality blend of spices to make the dish extra tasty.

    Over at our TOKIT Youtube Channel which has the perfect Spice Blend recipe for a Lamb Curry Dish, this includes the ingredients and step by step guide on how to make it with your TOKIT Omni Cook. Go over and watch our video to find out for yourself how tasty it can make your dish:


    Something For Your Main Course

    Next we are going to show you how to use the Spice Blend you have just made to make a very delicious Kashmiri Lamb Curry. A Curry with just the right balance of flavours and ideal for a low hassle dinner party. 

    This recipe is also over at our TOKIT Youtube Channel so go over and watch our video to find out for yourself how tasty it can make your dish. Just remember to grab some fresh coriander and basmati rice for the best experience:


    Something For Desert

    After you have completed your main course, you will want to top off your meal with a delicious dessert. Luckily the TOKIT Omni Cook can make a variety of different Fruit Ice Creams. 

    Here is the video on our Youtube Channel on how to make the Ice Cream with your TOKIT Omni Cook so you can try for yourself:

    We have a variety of many more recipes for you to try over at our Youtube Channel for every occasion and for everyone's tastes. With an ever expanding library of recipes that we make available, we suggest you go and check it out today by clicking the Youtube Channel.


    Updated on Oct,19



    TOKIT Social Media Intro


    Dear TOKIT community,

    We would love to take some time to introduce to you our official social media accounts and explain to you exactly what you can expect to see on it. We currently have multiple official social channels available which includes the following: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube. So what type of content can you expect from our official accounts? Here is a brief rundown:

    Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

    You can find out all the latest news as well as the latest information and updates about TOKIT on our Facebook, Twitter and Twitter accounts. With the freshest content on Facebook and Twitter while on Instagram we aim to provide you with inspirations for creating the best quality food and showing you how to make the device work with your daily life. You can expect to see regular content on both Facebook and Twitter almost everyday featuring some content while Instagram will also feature regular content to a similar schedule frequency.


    You can find all the latest OmniCook recipes, providing you with the most delicious recipes for you to enjoy as well as informative videos about the Omni Cook. Expect to see all the demos of the product including unboxings to see for yourself what you can get, think of it as a great preview into the product and its capabilities. We will also include many informative videos showing you the best way to use and look after your TOKIT devices and accessories, so you can take full advantage of them, you can expect to see content on Youtube on a consistent weekly or bi-weekly basis.

    The Official Account Names

    The social contacts are are fairly easy to find here is a list of accounts, we encourage you to follow as many of them as possible:

    Facebook - Tokitglobal

    Instagram - tokitgl

    Twitter - TokitG

    Youtube - TOKIT


    We can now quickly discuss something else that we are keen to show you, it is the TOKIT Cooking Squad. Our very own campaign with that will feature some exciting things to look forward to, including some renowned food experts and many fantastic prizes. Be sure you stay tuned so you know when you can join in the fun.


    Thank you so much for your support! 

    TOKIT Team


    Updated on Oct,9. 



    TOKIT Ambassador Program


    Dear TOKIT Community,

    We sincerely thank you for all of your support so far. We invite you to join the TOKIT Ambassador Program to give you the opportunity to build your own successful business. Here are some details about our program: 

    • What is the TOKIT Ambassador Program? 

    TOKIT Ambassador Program is an affiliate marketing and reward system where you can earn income by promoting our products, making suggestions to our recipe world and spreading the word about TOKIT. You will get payment every time a sale is generated with the link that you promote, a recommendation of recipe has been accepted by the TOKIT society or any suggestions to recipes have been accepted. 

    • How does it work? 

    As an ambassador of us, you will get an unique promotion link which can automatically track the orders that are generated from you. You can share your promotion link on your social media channels, blog, website, social group or wherever you like! 

    • What benefits can you get?

    You can earn high commissions when users click your link and make an order, the more sales you generate, the more commissions you earn.

    • Why should you choose TOKIT? 

    TOKIT is an amazing smart home kitchen appliance brand that everyone would love and benefit from once they use it. We aim to add value and quality of life to the people who use our products.

    • What Are The Commission Details?
      • High Commission: 4-8% COMMISSION
      • High AVO Value: $899 AVERAGE ORDER VALUE
      • Long Time Cookie Validation: 30 DAY COOKIES

    We will distribute incentive events to all of the members in our ambassador program every month to give you more opportunity to earn commission, this includes but not limited to giving extra bonuses and increasing commission ratio. Hurry up and join us to start your business today!


    A Warm Welcome To Those Who Join

    TOKIT Team


    Updated on Oct,1. 


    TOKIT Delivery Updates and Air Freight Logistics


    Dear TOKIT community,


    Thank you for your patience during our shipping process of the Omni Cook. We have some important updates, today is the start of the first units being shipped to the United Kingdom and Ireland, our next step will be to begin shipping to SEA.



    We will now provide air freight logistics for our crowdfunding backers who need air freight with a certain additional fee, deducted by the marine cost we cover. Use the information and chart below for reference.

    • For Malaysia and Singapore backers, please contact us before October 9th.
    • For US and Canada backers, please contact us before October 22th.
    • For UK,Ireland backers, please contact us before October 8th. 


    The above additional cost is only the average cost for different regions, so it will be changed according to the actual different order. If you are still interested in changing the shipping method to air freight, please contact

    Thank you so much for your support!

    TOKIT Team


     Updated on Sep, 30. 


    TOKIT FAQs  - Sep 28 


    Dear TOKIT Community,

    We have recently received many interesting questions from all of you!  We love to hear from you, here’s the frequently asked questions after the TOKIT official launch. Here is a run down of the latest information, we hope it helps your shopping experience:


    Q1. Why haven't I received my 100 usd voucher?

    A1. We have sent all voucher information to all of our backers. If you didn't see in your Inbox, please check your spam mail or junk mail. Thank you for backing us and happy shopping!


    Q2. Are there any expansion plans for countries not currently in the country list?

    A2. We thank everyone for their interest in TOKIT outside of our current list of countries. We will always carefully think of suggestions for our expansions in the future, hopefully our TOKIT Products can reach your country.


    Q3. How do I use my voucher?

    A3. Our coupon will be issued via email if you are one of our selected backers. To use the coupon code, simply copy the Coupon Code then click the link in the email. After this you will be redirected to where you should add all the products you want to order into your cart. Once you are at the Check Out Page you then paste and apply to redeem the code.


    Q4. What do I get in the box of my TOKIT Omni Cook?

    A4. Here is a list of items that are included with your TOKIT Omni Cook Set:


    So we can begin sharing more information about us to our customers and backers more information, we’re planning to start a blog to keep frequent updates 3 times per week. We plan to share the latest updates about the latest  logistics and production progress as well as future TOKIT products we have planned and many more ideas from us. 

    If you’re interested in TOKIT please bookmark this linkYou can also follow us on social media on our official pages:

    TOKIT Official Facebook Page

    TOKIT Official YouTube Channel

    TOKIT Official Twitter


    A Warm Thank You For Your Support

    TOKIT Team


     Updated on Sep, 28. 


    TOKIT Delivery Information and Updates 


    Dear TOKIT Community,

    We would like to thank you so much for supporting us!  We have some good news for you! After rounds of negotiation and rescheduling with our manufacturing and logistics partners, we have successfully shortened the overall expected delivery schedule. 

    Here is the updated timetable for your reference (updated 27th SEP):


    For the first 1000 units of the UK version, we will first ship to countries furthest away from China between Sept 27th and 30th, this includes United Kingdom and Ireland and will be sent via marine transportation. The rest of the units will be shipped to SEA Backers by ascending order of the backer ID. We will share the latest details on Facebook, Kickstarter and Email when we start shipping.

    In order to provide our customers with the fastest and most cost-effective logistics, we have set up overseas warehouses in our sales area for delivery. We will cover the shipping fees when your total final payment is over USD100. We will manage the shipping of all products purchased on TOKIT Official Store from our destination warehouses.

    Here is a list of our destination warehouses (updated 27th SEP):

    For the pre-orders with a total final payment that is less than USD100, we will have to charge a small logistics fee.

    Please check out the estimated fee list for your reference (updated 27th SEP): 


    We have also received some inquiries from crowdfunding users requiring a faster logistics method. We have consulted with air freight service providers and can arrange it, yet this will come with more expensive fees. Please send your request to if you need to speed up your delivery, our staff will contact you via Email. 

    Any questions with delivery schedule and logistics arrangement, please feel free to leave your message or contact us through our  email and social media channels.


    A Warm Appreciation from the whole TOKIT Team for your support.


    Updated on Sep, 27.




    TOKIT Official Store Launch Introduction


    Dear TOKIT family,

    We have come a long way since our Kickstarter and Indiegogo projects. We are now celebrating a huge milestone in our journey and our official store is available on Sep.23.

    Here we prepare some FAQs about the site and launch for you:


    1. What countries and regions are covered on the Launch of the TOKIT official site on 23 Sep?

    TOKIT EU/ GL / NA stores are available on 23 Sep. Please check our shipping policy to learn more about the corresponding shipping areas to every store.


    2. How can I enter the website?

    Please browse our official website at  and you will be redirected to the store of your region. 


    3.What content does TOKIT have on the official website?
      • Modules
        • Introduction and shopping of Omni Cook and accessories.
        • Recipe platform Cooknjoy coming soon).
        • TOKIT Ambassador program (coming soon).
        • Official blog (coming soon).
        • Brand gallery about the TOKIT, joyami (a smart and young series for cooking lovers, coming soon) and introduction to our signature technologies.
        • Services: Warranty, Local supporter, After-sale platform(coming soon).
      • Purchase pages
        • Purchase pages of Omni Cook and accessories, here you can find the description, specifications, what’s in the box and FAQ of the products. After looking through all the information, you can click the “add to cart” or “pre-order” button to complete your purchase.
      • Account Center
        • After registering for the TOKIT official website, you can check your account center to check the user information, order status or add and save your address.


      4. How to pre-order on the official website:


      Step 1. Go to the home page: 

      • Choose TOKIT Omni Cook or any purchase pages of accessories.

      Step 2. Go to the purchase page:

      •  Browse the purchase page and add all products you need to cart by "Add to cart" button. Then you are ready to the shopping cart page to check out. 
      • You can also directly choose "Pre-order" and go to the check out page.

      Step 3. Go the the check out page: 

      • If you don't have an account on the TOKIT official site, please register an account to complete the purchase process. 
      • After registration, please fulfill the shipping address and the payment information. 
      • If you have a coupon code, please copy and apply it at the coupon code bar.
      • Please click check out to finalize your payment.
      • Feel free to check the order information at your account center.

      Here are also a bunch of news for you: 

      Cooknjoy - the recipe platform

      TOKIT Growing Recipes Platform, Cooknjoy goes live in November 2021, including thousands of free worldwide dishes. Let’s start exploring the cooking possibilities with Cooknjoy and TOKIT omnicook this winter. 

      News and updates

      For engaging with TOKIT Friend, we will initiate our official blog and update the info from time to time. Topics include updates to the website / products / software, process of production and logistics, latest TOKIT dishes, new product trailers and much more about the TOKIT brand to let the friends who like TOKIT know more about us. 

      After-sales module

      TOKIT supports the 2-years warranty for the main body and sets up the local repair center in Malaysia and Singapore  for better user experience. Here’s to check out the refund policy


      Last Updated on Oct, 25.