Blade Set of TOKIT Omni Cook
Blade Set of TOKIT Omni Cook

Blade Set of TOKIT Omni Cook

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Use the mixing blade set in combination with the mixing bowl to stir/mix/shred/grind food materials.
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Blade Set

Please disassemble the mixing blade set separately for cleaning and drying before cleaning the mixing blade set and mixing bowl,and then assemble it properly for next use. The mixing blade set is used for stirring/shredding/mixing/grinding food. It must be properly assembled and locked securely with the lock ring, otherwise, accidental injury may be caused. Please follow the procedures below:

  • Grip the mixing bowl handle, and ensure that its open side is upward.

  • Rotate the lock ring anti-clockwise to unlock it, while leaving the mixing blade in the mixing bowl for the time being.

  • Carefully pinch the handle block at the top of the mixing blade and pull it (together with the sealing ring) out of the mixing bowl.

  • The mixing blade is sharp.Please be careful not to cut yourself when cleaning the mixing blade set. Wipe off water from the blade set after cleaning.

  • Carefully pinch the handle block at the top of the mixing blade and align it with the sealing ring to the opening at the bottom of the mixing bowl. Then, mount it into the bottom opening until the sealing ring touches with the bottom of the mixing bowl.

  • Mount the lock ring from below through the drive shaft of the mixing blade to the mixing bowl and rotate it clockwise until the mixing blade set is securely locked.


For your safety and better cooking experience, please read the following contents:

  • The mixing blade set has sharp blades, please be careful not to cut yourself when mounting/dismounting/ handling /cleaning it.

  • Never touch the blades of the mixing blade set.

  • Always dismount the mixing blade set with the opening of the mixing bowl facing upwards, avoid dropping the mixing blade set, otherwise it may cause blade deformation and injury.

  • Do not put your hand into the mixing bowl before it has been removed from the main engine frame.

  • Make sure the mixing bowl and the mixing blade set have been fully cooled down before dismounting the mixing blade set from the mixing bowl. Residual heat after cooking could cause scalding.

  • Mount the mixing blade set carefully and properly, and regularly check its service condition and the contact of the sealing ring with the bottom of the mixing bowl.

  • When mounting the mixing blade set, make sure the sealing ring properly fits the drive shaft.

  • Make sure the sealing ring is intact. If the sealing ring is damaged, the main engine frame could be damaged as a result of liquid leaking in.

  • Before cooking, ensure that the mixing blade set is properly mounted and securely locked.