Hello! We're TOKIT

The Name of TOKIT

TOKIT prounces [ˈtok] and /kɪt/.

It means "go to kitchen".

We want you to have fun in the kitchen, let TOKIT products do all the work.

Meet Our Products

Our smart kitchen appliances started with TOKIT Omni Cook(OC), the ultimate all-in-one cooking machine.

This was supported by thousands of backers in 2021 on Indiegogo & Kickstarter. Now it's the TOKIT best seller trusted by worldwide customers.

Join Our Products

TOKIT wants to make cooking easier and more enjoyable for users through smart technology.It wants to make cooking more fun and help users discover the joy of cooking.


Chunmi Technology, leveraging internet-based kitchen appliances, is a pioneer in the tech-driven kitchen ecosystem for the future. Joining the Xiaomi Ecological Chain in 2014. In 2021, Chunmi expanded globally with its own brands, TOKIT and Joyami, aiming to establish a collaborative international smart kitchen ecosystem.

Our Team

The CHUNMI Technology has more than 400 employees, mainly from Fortune 500 companies such as Apple, MOTO, IBM, Philips and Sanyo.

Design team

Excellent design level, repeatedly winning international top design awards.

R&D team

Advanced manufacturing technology experience, accounting for 65% of team members.

Marketing team

Senior marketing talent, diverse elites in brand, sales, and channel fields.

Intelligent chemical factory

Deeply cultivating the field of household appliances and having abundant supply chain resources throughout the country.

Core Technology

An intelligent factory that can control the whole process accurately.


TOKIT Smart kitchen appliances across the entire range of products
Winning over 30 world-class design awards

Our Mission & Value

TOKIT brings you smart kitchen appliances. Just like you, our team has both cooking beginners and masters. We all believe in healthy diet lifestyle. So TOKIT products are aimed to make cooking easy and fun for everyone, not just in the kitchen. This could be even better. Sharing more food and time with your beloved ones.

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