Is there any usage restriction for TOKIT Omni Cook?

The product usage restrictions are as follows:

1. The normal working altitude range of the product is 0 meters to 2000 meters.
2. The product should not be placed in unbalanced, damp, or close to other fire or heat sources (such as stoves), and the distance should preferably be more than 30cm.
3. Do not place the host on the hob (high temperature zone, ceramic stove, induction cooker, etc.) or other heated or heatable surfaces.
4. Minors are not allowed to use the device alone or in the company of adults, and should always stay away from the intelligent multi-function cooking machine and its power cord in operation.
5. This product should not be provided to minors to play with as a toy.
6. Anyone who is physically, mentally or physically disabled or lacks knowledge or experience is not allowed to operate this product, even if accompanied by a guardian.
7. This product is limited to household use, and the design capacity meets the general household consumption. Except for the purposes specified in this manual, this product is not allowed to be used for any other purposes.