What should I pay attention to in daily maintenance of TOKIT Omni Cook?

Please pay attention to the following items for daily maintenance of the product:

1. Please do not drop the product or hit hard objects to avoid injury or malfunction.
2. Please do not modify it. Non-maintenance technicians are not allowed to disassemble and repair, so as to avoid fire, electric shock and injury.
3. In case of abnormality or failure, stop using it immediately to avoid fire, electric shock and injury.
4. The appliance cannot be operated with an external timer or an independent remote control system.
5. The silicone parts on the product should avoid contact with alcoholic beverages with ethanol content greater than 50%.
6. The appliance must be used with the sliced material supply table and the supply handle in the corresponding position, unless it cannot be so due to the size and shape of the food.
7. Turn off the power switch and disconnect the power before replacing parts or touching moving parts.
8. The agitator in the accessories can only be used on the base provided, if it is used on other products, there will be damage or other risks.
9. Please do not use accessories and accessories other than the accessories of this product to avoid fire and personal injury.