Guide For Easy Cooking With TOKIT Accessories

Guide For Easy Cooking With TOKIT Accessories

So you are a beginner at cooking and you want to learn to make a wide range of delicious dishes. In this article we will give you tips on how you can use the TOKIT Omni Cook Accessories to complete very specific cooking techniques in the easiest and most effective way possible.

Perfectly Steamed Meals:

We have a Steam Set made specifically for making a wide range of steamed dishes, including one of our personal Steamed Bass. Simply place it on top of your TOKIT Omni Cook, switch it on and let it do it’s magic for the specified amount of time. It is also able to steam multiple dishes at once with its multi-layer design, you can watch this video to see how you can do it for yourself.

Quickly Whisked Ingredients:

We have a specially made Whisk to work with the TOKIT Omni Cook, making whisking faster and more convenient than ever. Preparing ingredients like Whipped Cream and Pandam Kaya Sauce have never been easier, simply fit the Whisk inside and watch it spin.

Easy Sous Vide Dishes:

We have a Blade Cover to fit on to the TOKIT Omni Cook Blade for perfectly made Sous Vide made food including delectable dishes like Mashed Potatoes, Salmon and Chicken Drumsticks.  These wide range of tasty results need to be tried to believe how easy great food can be made.

Precisely Slow-Cooked Food:

We have a Slow-Cook Plug to fit into the Omni Cook when you have removed the Blade and placed it in the Plug to turn the machine into a slow cook device and opening you up to a whole new world of delicious dishes, including the delectable Braised Lotus Roots we take great pride in. Simply sitback and watch your food slow-cooked to perfection.

Give It A Try Yourself

As you can see these cooking accessories are made to complement the TOKIT Omni Cook when making your meals. They make perfect meals every time in the easiest possible way with the most effective results.Just follow the instructions from the cookNjoy platform and you are set for a whole new world of cuisines  that you never thought would be possible to make by yourself.