What does the error code E05 mean in my TOKIT Omni Cook?

When the error "E05" appears, it means The temperature sensor on the mixing bowl bottom is in high temperature (The bottom temperature > 225℃)"

1. Acknowledge the fault, and then check whether the mixing bowl is drying in an empty condition or working at a high temperature for a long time, and thus causes its bottom temperature to be too high and triggers a fault alarm;
2. Remove the mixing bowl from the main engine frame, place it aside, wait until the temperature of the mixing bowl falls. Be careful not to touch the bottom of the mixing bowl to prevent scald;
3. Check whether the rear or right side of the device is covered by a tablecloth or other object and make sure to keep a distance of above 30CM;
4. Keep the device still for half an hour before powering it on and re-starting it again. If the fault alarm still occurs, it is confirmed that the device is in fault.